The Breakfast Flakes

Friday Fragments
First "4 putt" of the season yesterday.
Looking for peoples best crock pot recipes.
Most of my friends from the theater world (39 years ago) "liked" my post yesterday.
The U.S.S. Billings will be commissioned August 3rd in Key West, Florida...
A Farmer's Perspective on Daylight Savings Time
Don't forget the clock changes on March 10th. So, not only (miraculously) do we get an extra hour of the sun shining, but we also get warmer temperatures with it. Don't buy it. Only in America do we think we can make a 24 hour day an hour longer or an hour shorter...
Why I Watch Documentaries
It must be my age. I've finally reached a point in my life where my mind needs more than just my favorite albums being played in the background. I need substance. And because of that I watch a lot of documentaries these days.
With my passion for music, I really enjoyed "The History…
President Will Address Nation Regarding Border Security
The President will address the nation tonight to impress upon us the need for a secure border because of national security. He needs 5 billion. Hey, Jon Tester and fellow Democrats, how were you able to find $150 billion for Iran and its terrorist threat to our nation, but not find $5 billion to hel…

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