Before 6 this morning we got to talking about The Big Ditch. The one that runs by the Rims north of downtown Billings.

After the county commissioners walked through it last week, the water was permitted to be turned on so that the farmers could get to the business of growing food.

We were actually wondering what the cost was to tunnel those 1,800 feet under the rims. And while we didn't find out about the dollars, we learned some other tidbits that I thought I would pass along.

The water was originally turned on in 1883. The water comes out of the Yellowstone (the river, not John Dutton's ranch) and it weaves its way through Billings, crossing under Colton boulevard. And if you've ever have yanked one left on number nine at Highlands Golf Club, then you've hit big ditch water.

Big Ditch map in Billings mT
Credit: Google Maps

I have seen where it goes under the rims. But I don't know where it comes out. I guess I always assumed that's because it's on private property.

This would be a perfect opportunity for somebody with a drone to fly the entire length of the ditch and post it for all to see. Just get the video up with some easy listening music and boom we've got our very own "Arial America". (Which we also talked about this morning)

And my last item about the big ditch was the time a couple of buddies and I floated the ditch one night at about midnight. Yes, I know. Smart.

It was one of those "sounded good at the time" ideas. It ended up not being a good idea. And we didn't know at that time that had we not gotten out by EMC, we would have gone under the rims.

Beer was a factor. There was also a girl I was trying to impress.

"We gotta regatta.....we gotta"

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