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My 1986 Fridge Is Still Cold (But Loud). Should I Replace?
I am like a lot of you out there that have old appliances. Sometimes you just know that they should be replaced but as long as they are working, why. It's funny how people are quick to pull the trigger on TVs or phones but will get every last drop of life out of a stove or refrigerator.
Deer vs My Pickup. My Pickup Won. Deer Survived.
I've been driving the same road to get to work for seventeen years and today was the first time I made contact with a deer. Actually, officer, the deer ran into me. I saw him coming from the right, trying to run fast enough to get in front of my pickup and get to the other side of the road. He …
Montana Ranches Are Struggling With Democrat Policies
Calf prices are pretty good right now on average and the same with grain prices, but Democrat policies are killing us. The war on fossil fuels is just the start of our costs to produce and the cost of shipping is up substantially since the election. Property taxes up.
Montana Dog Stands Watch As Owner Eats at Cowboys in Huntley
I like Cowboy's selection of brisket, ribs. and pulled pork. That being said, their taco salad is good too. But make sure that you're hungry before you order it. So, after a relaxing round of golf, I stopped in for a bite to eat and was headed out to the pickup when I ran across this guy.

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