Martina McBride has joined forces with her fans again for her charity movement Team Music Is Love, which has assisted with hunger relief, cancer research, combating domestic violence, helping children in need ... Any way they can help, they can, and the group's latest effort had McBride throwing a surprise party for a fan who tragically recently became a four limb amputee.

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center recently reached out to McBride on behalf of their patient, Sandy. For months, Sandy told doctors she wanted to recover so she could see a Martina McBride concert, but the singer came to her, instead.

When McBride's charity initiative got word of Sandy's struggles, they wanted to do more for her, so McBride decided to plan a surprise party during a tour stop in Zanesville, Ohio. A mother, grandmother, and former school bus driver for 20 years before a catastrophic illness, Sandy was shocked to see McBride in person.

"Oh my God! How are you?" Sandy said when she realized what was happening, as while McBride embraces her in a big hug in the clip above.

Overwhelmed at McBride's hospitality, Sandy says that a patient can't not feel good while listening to her music. Sandy's daughter adds that McBride's surprise was a "bright spot in a rough year." Watch the sweet meeting between Sandy and McBride above.

Since 2011, McBride and Team Music Is Love has attracted thousands of people to join the singer's global charity movement. Projects include the initiation of a breast cancer research grant at Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, Tenn., the construction of a new playground for children of all abilities in Atlanta, Ga., and a therapeutic music program providing musical instruments to orphaned children at Covenant House shelter in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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