Throughout the entire current season of The Voice, up-and-coming artist Mary Sarah has been a favorite contestant of country fans. Week after week she has performed beautiful renditions of country hits that have kept America pledging their vote to see her continue onto the next round.

On Monday's (May 16) live performance show, Mary Sarah hoped to keep that tradition alive and gave a performance of Randy Travis' "I Told You So." Unfortunately, during Tuesday's (May 17) live elimination round, her lucky stars didn't show/

Four contestants were to be eliminated —tTwo were immediately let go based on their low-ranking fan votes. Then, three The Voice stars battled it out for one last spot in the season finale during an "Instant Save" performance.

Mary Sarah took the stage for a rendition of Carrie Underwood's "Something in the Water." Her performance gave her praise from coach Blake Shelton, but fell flat when it came to winning the approval of voters across America.

"From week to week I'm running out of great things to say about you and not to sound like I'm just repeating myself, but I'm literally your biggest fan and it blows me away that you're even in this position," Shelton told the young artist.

Mary Sarah was voted out of Season 11 of The Voice, but Shelton reassured her that she still has a niche to grow into when she returns to Nashville.

"It's not a reflection of who is a star or not. We can look at artists from the past who didn't make it to the finale and they went on to have hit songs in country music," the country star shared with encouragement. "So I'm just saying no matter what happens here tonight, when you go back to Nashville, you're going to find there's a big giant door open for you there and that makes me very happy for you Mary Sarah."

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