Today is the anniversary of the passing of my only sister, Michelle, nine years ago.

My phone rang sometime before 3 a.m. I answered it and heard my dad telling me that he needed me to wake up because he had something to tell me. My mind started spinning, thinking that maybe something had happened to my mom because she's not the one who called. No. Michelle was gone.

For those of you who have lost someone before their time, you know how it feels.

As the years have gone by, the sadness has subsided for the most part. And at family get-togethers, we remember her and think about what she might say if she were with us today. To be honest, there are still days I reach for my phone because I haven't talked to her in a while.

Addiction had a hold on her from her teenage years on. We all tried to help, but the addict ultimately is the one who has to be able to quit. She just never could.

This photo was taken the year she had been involved in five car wrecks. All her fault. So I got us helmets in case I needed to ride with her.

She left this world owing the city of Great Falls Traffic Court more than $ 4,000. She made the most out of the time she had here. Michelle's life was a great time.

I sit here and worry about my 401K, I wonder if maybe she wasn't the smarter one of us.

Miss you, sis.

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