Miranda Lambert has been slowly teasing more of the elements of her forthcoming album online, and on Monday (Nov. 14), she turned to social media to tease the first disc of the double album, titled "The Nerve."

In a video posted to Instagram, Lambert supplies a voiceover narration of the definition of "nerve" as it appears onscreen, saying, "Nerve is one of the many thin parts that control movement and feeling by carrying messages between the brain and other parts of the body; courage that allows you to do something that is dangerous, difficult or frightening; the rude attitude of someone who says or does things that make other people angry or upset."

The clip shows images of Lambert playing one of the new songs on acoustic guitar, sitting on the hood of a car writing in a notebook and packing her guitar case. It's another look into the creative process behind one of the most anticipated albums of 2016.

"I find that interesting because ...  it's so much deeper than part of your body. It's part of your being," she reflects. "It's part of your being to have nerve at all. And if you're gonna have it, you're gonna feel some pain from it. But you're gonna feel some great stuff too."

"Vice" is the first single from The Weight of These Wings, which is set for release on Nov. 18. Lambert has also shared three other songs, "Highway Vagabond," "Keeper of the Flame" and "We Should Be Friends," which has just been revealed as the second single. So far, most of the songs we've heard direct her new project away from the spitfire anger that has often fueled her music and toward a more introspective, acoustic-based singer-songwriter approach.

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