Our friends at Zippia are back at it again. They have compiled a list of the 10 Happiest Small Towns Across America and one of Montana's own made the list!

This list had some stipulations.

They surveyed towns across the country that were between 2,000 and 10,000 people. Things that they were looking for were great employment opportunities, short commute times and low cost of living.

There were a bunch of towns to choose from and we are proud to announce that Montana's own Montana City came in at number 7!

In the quest of happiness, the top 10 places seem to be where you and I may find that. After all, small-town living isn't that bad of an idea.

Although Montana City, population about 2,700, didn't make the No. 1 spot, it is still pretty impressive that it made the list. America is made up of a lot of small towns. Competition can be pretty stiff when it comes to things like this. I, for one, am proud of one of this Montana town, located in Jefferson County, for making the list!

It just goes to show that the Treasure State is the Treasure Sate for a really good reason. There is a lot to be said about Montana.

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