Smaller population, fewer residents using social media, not as gullible as the rest of the country. Whatever the reason, Montana residents get "catfished" less than most of America. Over the past three years, reported cases are up more than 50 percent nationally while cases in the Treasure State remain low.

Catfishing occurs when someone creates a fake online persona and use it to establish a relationship with another individual(s). The person possessing a false identity is referred to as a “catfish”. Generally, catfish want to trick their victim(s) into believing a wrong set of personal details about them.

Using FBI data from 2018, released a study showing Montana as one of the least Catfished state in the country (#47) with 42 victims reported.

The 5 States with the LEAST Victims reported:
Vermont (25)
South Dakota (31)
Wyoming (33)
North Dakota (35)
Montana (42)

The 5 States with the MOST Victims reported:
California (2,105)
Texas (1,238)
Florida (1,191)
New York (782)
Pennsylvania (577)

Catfishing is when someone fakes an online identity to scam victims for money, romance or physical harm. Some of these relationships can last months, even years as MTV has shown in their reality television series "Catfish."

Here are 5 Signs You Are Being Catfished according to

  • If they ask for money: This may sound so obvious, but if the online friend or romantic interest whom you have never met asks you to send money or provide your bank information, you are being catfished.

  • If they can’t meet in person: If the person strings you along without meeting in person.  They may even eventually agree to a day or time but have an “emergency” that day such as a cancelled flight or a medical issue.

  • If they are stationed overseas: If they claim to be stationed overseas or working on an oil as an excuse for not meeting.

  • If they can’t video chat: If the person refuses to video chat ever.

  • If they seem to good to be true: Some people who catfish feel bad about themselves and take on the online persona of a model or successful businessperson and the like.

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