The Better Business Bureau put out a list of common scams that we see this time of year and one of them seems pretty easy to fall for: fake job postings.

Many of us need some extra cash this time of year and taking a part time job for the holidays is pretty regular for many people.  Scammers know this and every year post ads for jobs that don't exist.  They use their application process to get as much of your personal information as possible.  If a prince from Nigeria asks for your social security number, you probably know something is wrong, but if you're applying for a job, you'd probably give it up without thinking anything of it.

If you do apply for a holiday job, make sure it's from a company you know of, that the site is legit, and has decent reviews.  If you see a job claiming to give you 15 dollars an hour working from home, you'd better do some investigating before you start answering questionnaires.

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