According to 2011 to 2014 stats from the CDC, 51.2 percent of women and 42.6 percent of men in the U.S. used at least one prescription within 30 days. When you look at Americans over 65 years of age, that number skyrockets to 92.1 percent of women, 88.7 percent of men. released a study on Which States’ Residents Spend The Most On Prescriptions and ranked Montana 46th with $1,218.55 annually spent per-capita on prescription drugs. In total, Montana residents spend a combined $1,280,076,200 annually. Texans spend the most in total with a combined $42,654,887,062 spent annually.

Here are some national findings according to the study from

  • 1000%: Increase in inflation-adjusted per-capita spending on prescription drugs since 1960.

  • 125%: Amount Delaware residents pay more than Californians per-capita. (First and last on list)

  • $52,232: The most-costly drug per month is Actimmune $52,232 which treats Osteopetrosis.

  • U.S. Pays More Than Other Countries: Humira is one of many examples in the study. The drug costs $2,669 in the U.S., $1,362 in the U.K. and $822 in Switzerland.

The study analyzed the most recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, GoodRx and the National Conference on State Legislatures.

There’s a 125 percent gulf between the lowest state on this list, California, and the highest, Delaware. Four states have per-capita spending levels exceeding $2,000 per year — Delaware, Tennessee, Kentucky and D.C. — and a fifth, West Virginia, is only about 20 bucks short of that. While the state-level spending largely tracks with population levels, interestingly, in only four states is prescription spending under $1 billion per year.

CLICK HERE To see the complete study of Which States’ Residents Spend The Most On Prescriptions.


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