If you live in the Treasure State, and are looking for love in your later years, this may NOT be the last best place for romance.

A leading online resource for seniors released a study on The Best States for Finding Love after 50 and while Wyoming, Washington and Utah all ranked in the top 10, Montana is among the worst in America.

Results of the study from TheSeniorList.com ranked Montana No. 45 with senior singles having a 49.7 percent chance of finding that special someone based on the following three factors:

  1. Percentage of 50+ singles: 11.7%
  2. Percentage with income over $50,000: 50%
  3. Percentage change in singlehood since 2012: remained the same

Study after study has shown that meaningful social connections can make for a longer, better and happier life. In fact, one study compared the lack of strong relationships to smoking almost a pack of cigarettes per day. -TheSeniorList

The BEST 3 States for Finding Love after 50:

  1. Maryland (68.2%)
  2. Hawaii (67.9%)
  3. Connecticut (66.9%)

The WORST 3 States for Finding Love after 50:

  1. Mississippi (44.5%)
  2. West Virginia (45.9%)
  3. Arkansas (46.4%)

CLICK HERE to see the complete list of The Best States for Finding Love after 50.

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