It's been over a year since my family and I moved to Billings and we keep discovering new things that seem to fit our lifestyle more and more.

We are the type of family that likes to get out. Staying at home on a weekend just isn't that much fun for us. We like to explore, figure things out and see what is to be found.

Sometimes it is city attractions and other times it can be different stores or restaurants As long as it is some sort of foot adventure, it's on the menu.

Thus far, we have managed to come across a handful of interesting places here in town. We still have this summer to get our adventure on, but here is our top 5 thus far. In no particular order they are:

This is so close and so cool to see. When we first got here, my kids were enthralled to see the secrets this place held.

This is a place we go to regularly. It is right around the corner for us. Sitting on top of the Rims looking over the city relaxes us and leaves us in awe every time.

We have always loved going to zoos so this was a natural fit for us.

Obviously the kids had to stay home for this one, but nonetheless my wife and I had a nice relaxing visit.

Nothing like watching the river with the kids. They thoroughly enjoyed this, especially the geese.

This is just round one. As soon as summer hits we'll be hitting the town to find even more and bring you round two.

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