This is one of those stories that will restore your faith in humanity.  We all need to be reminded that there is good in the world…not just a bunch of losers. Did you hear us talking this morning about the Rudyard, Montana man who broke both his legs in an accident? Joe Becker was helping his son build a cabin and fell 12 feet from the roof and broke both his legs.

Of course Joe was unable to walk and the Doctors put him on bed rest. What’s the problem with that?  We could all use some rest now and then…and this guy needed to heal. Well the problem is that this all happened just ahead of when Becker ordinarily brings in his wheat.

No worries though, the community pulled together, bringing their own equipment to Becker's farm near Rudyard to complete the work — faster, it turns out, than he could have done it along.

Now those are some really good neighbors!

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