Once a major grocery store or supplier opens up shop in Billings, it doesn't seem like long before they open up elsewhere across Montana. According to The Big Sky Business Journal's Evelyn Pyburn, another food service distributor is coming to Billings.

Evelyn Pyburn: Shamrock Foods is coming to Billings and they will be providing a new option for getting food, grocery shopping in the sense. They are kind of a wholesale retail outlet. They provide restaurants with food like Costco does and delivering and everything. In fact, they've been doing that for most of the summer here in Billings, even though they don't really have a location, but they're looking for a location. We've heard gossip that they may have zeroed in on the location and the heights but that when they open this- what they call a food service warehouse retail store- it will be their 11th in western United States.

What is Shamrock Foods?

Evelyn Pyburn: They are the largest privately family owned food service distributor in the Western United States and somebody compared it to similar to how Costco operates where you go in and and buy larger quantities of food and so forth.

According to BusinessWire.com:

Shamrock Foods Company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality food and food-related products through a family of companies, including Shamrock Foods – one of the Top 10 largest foodservice distributors, and Shamrock Farms – one of the largest family-owned and -operated dairies nationwide. Shamrock Foods enjoys a strong presence in the western United States serving restaurant, hospitality and institutional foodservice customers.


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