As of tonight it will be a new year and many of us celebrate in very different ways.

There are a lot that drink the night away. Can you pass the bubbly? And there are those that munch the night away. Who ate the last slice of pizza?

We do it up right at my house, gang.

We've already gone through the big meals that come with Thanksgiving and Christmas. When the new year comes around, it's just time to party and nip on a cracker with some cheese on it. Am I right?

I love food just as much as the next person but there is only so much overindulging this old body can take. No more turkey, no more ham. This guy just wants a soda in his hand and a slice of pizza in the belly.

I love pizza. My wife takes on a big plate of loaded nachos. I have friends that won't touch anything but Ritz Crackers and Cheese Whiz.

I gotta know, Cat Pack. What is your ultimate New Year's munchie food?