Congratulations to Nova, winner of the Cat Country and Paws & Claws Spa & Hotel Cutest Dog Photo Contest! Nova is a Border Collie Corgi cross or "Borgi" and will be 5 years old on July 1. Her owner, Karlee Agenbroad, said that she is fully deaf but that she still behaves really well. In fact, Nova responds to hand signals, almost like sign language. Agenbroad also said, "I don't think she'd do well if she had a brother or a sister." Who can blame her when she's so dang cute!

Nova will receive a Total Spa and Play Day prize package from Paws & Claws Hotel & Spa which includes:

  • Half a day of play in the climate-controlled indoor playground or the eight outdoor play areas.
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Full Shampoo
  • Trim and Haircut (as needed)


Thank you to everyone who voted. We tallied over 13,000 votes from Cat Country listeners, which is amazing. Here are the official results:

First Place: Nova with 34.93% of the vote

Harley Evenson- Veronnaka Evenson

Second Place: Harley with 13.57% of the vote

Piper EDIT

Third Place: Piper with 12.54% of the vote

Our second and third prize winners will receive a full shampoo, nail trim and teeth brushing.

Thank you to all who entered their pups in our contest!

To schedule boarding, daycare, dog training and more, call Paws and Claws Hotel and Spa at 406-894-2332.

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