UPDATE (4/19/19): We've completed round 1 of voting. If you'd like to vote on our finalists, CLICK HERE.  


Thank you, Cat Country listeners, for sending us all the cute pictures of your doggos! We received SO MANY that we asked our friends at Paws & Claws Hotel & Spa to help us select our semifinalists and here they are!

Vote for your favorite dog below. You can vote for as many dogs as you'd like, and be sure to share this link with your friends so they can vote, too.

Voting on the semifinalists round will close on Friday April 19th, at noon. The top 10 dogs will then move on to the finalists rounds where you'll get the chance to vote again for your favorite pup.

The winner will receive a Total Spa and Play Day prize package from Paws & Claws Spa& Hotel which includes:

  • Half a day of play in the climate-controlled indoor playground or the eight outdoor play areas.
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Full Shampoo
  • Trim and Haircut (as needed)

May the best dog win!

  • Akira Antoni owned by Ash

  • Bailey Brunsvold owned by Kevin Brunsvold

  • Buccleigh Ricci owned by Rylee Ricci

  • Buzz Harris owned by Jon Harris

  • Copper Larson owned by Connie Larson

  • Frank Joseph owned by Abbie Joseph

  • George Hasiak owned by Annie Hasiak

  • Harley Evenson owned by Veronnaka Evenson

  • Henry Peters owned by Gwenna Peters

  • Jethro Gibbs owned by Shane Gibbs

  • Kimber Dejaeghe owned by Nicole Dejaegher

  • Lily Lou Patton owned by Angelika Patton

  • Lily Robinson owned by Rhonda Robinson

  • Mac Wientjes owned by Shannon Wientjes

  • Mazie Miller owned by Sierra Peters

  • Nova Agenbroad owned by Karlee Agenbroad

  • Peak Kuehn owned by Ellie Kuehn

  • Piper Niemi owned by Kira Miemi

  • Rocco Potter owned by Shane Potter

  • Ruby Jones owned by Karen Jones

  • Rusty Evans owned by Jillian Evans

  • Rusty Lang owned by Tim Lang

  • Tillie Manfull owned by Kyrstyn Manfull

  • Tobias Meeks owned by Samantha Meeks

  • Walter Sparovic owned by Chantel Litzsinger

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