A long time ago in a building located right behind West Park Plaza there was a fun place to gather called T-Birds Nightclub. And I worked there briefly.

Quite a few bars in town featured live music back then. But T-Birds was more of a show than just a bar.

Neon lights that flashed and bartenders and waitresses in uniform that helped convey the 1950s and '60s vibe. T-Birds was the only place in Billings where you could dance to the music of that era.

And some people came in to dance to "their song".  One couple came in early every Friday and requested the song played at their wedding. And they would dance to it. It was the sweetest thing you ever saw.

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Later in the evening, the crowd got louder. And the booze would start flowing. (They had a "shots" bar where you could order any hard liquor in a shot glass) And in my music booth, the requests would switch from ballads to songs that were a little more upbeat like "The Locomotion", "La Bamba", and  "Walk Like An Egyptian".

And in 1988 Cat Country did a big promotion in the parking lot where we gave away a classic Corvette.

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That was one of the most fun jobs I had along the way. But when I moved to mornings, I couldn't work a job where I didn't get home from until 2:30 or 3 in the morning.

I remember that the place closed somewhere in 1990s. And I don't know if it was not doing as well, or if the owners just got tired of running it.

But we'll always have the fun memories of a fun night spot, some cute waitresses, and a night or two where we didn't come walking out of the place until the sun was coming up.

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