‘American Child’ was originally released on Aug. 6, 2002, but re-released in early 2003 with two additional tracks, including eventual single ‘This Us God.’ The reissue also included the Huey Lewis and the News cut, ‘Workin’ for a Livin.’

As far as chart performance goes, the three singles didn’t equal the success of those from Phil Vassar‘s debut album, but the title-track became a Top 5 hit and ‘This Is God’ went Top 20. For the most part, the project was praised for the sharp songwriting — something that has always been a lynchpin in Vassar’s career. Even during years he wasn’t turning out catchy hits of his own, his pen was earning him a living offstage.

Vassar co-wrote all 12 songs on ‘American Child,’ including two with his then-wife Julie. ‘Athens Grease’ is a standout track that never became a single.

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