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Phil Vassar’s ‘American Child’ Turns 10
‘American Child’ was originally released on Aug. 6, 2002, but re-released in early 2003 with two additional tracks, including eventual single ‘This Us God.’ The reissue also included the Huey Lewis and the News cut, ‘Workin’ for a Livin.’
Phil Vassar Promises ‘Different Flavors’ on His New Album
Phil Vassar‘s latest single, ‘Let’s Get Together,’ has already cracked the country top 40 — a familiar place for the singer, who has released a whopping 19 chart hits since making his debut with 1999′s ‘Carlene.’ But ‘Let’s Get Together’ isn’t just another hit for Vassar. It’s part of a new beginning — and a flurry of activity that could see him wind up releasing three albums in the next six month
Discovery Zone Discoveries And Lady A
Lady Antebellum jumped right over the Discovery Zone and right onto the air on Cat Country this past week. Good idea to, since the new song "Just A Kiss" set a 52 year record for the Billboard Country chart. No song by a group had ever scored a higher first week rank than Lady A...