News of Robin Williams' death on Monday (Aug. 11) stunned his many fans, and tributes poured in via social media. Among others, Reba took time to share a special memory on her Facebook page.

The singer was hosting a benefit dinner and auction at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night and received a little help from Williams in controlling the crowd.

"I was the em-cee at the benefit dinner/auction, trying to get everyone to take their seats so we could start the show but not having much success. Jim Carrey jumps up on his chair at the head table and says, 'Hey!! Do you know who that is? That’s Reba McEntire! Now sit down and shut up!' Robin at the other end of the head table, stands on his chair and says the same thing but in a foreign language!" she recounts. "The crowd loved it, laughed and found their seats. I was speechless and in awe of these very talented wonderful men."

Reba continues, expressing a common sentiment among many of the memorials: "Thank God we have so many wonderful memories of him, his wit, talent, big heart and generosity."

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