Each afternoon on Cat Country, I dig out songs you might not find anywhere.  They are certainly not the kinds of songs you expect.  These are the Discovery Zone songs.  Songs that have never made the air on Cat Country before or most anywhere else outside of the singers' family.

Here's how this weeks DZ songs fared:

Reba had the top song of the week with "When Love Gets A Hold Of You." Reba hosts the Academy of Country Music Awards show Sunday night on Q2.


A new female group, Stealing Angels was second with "Paper Heart."

Greg Hanna and the song "Making Love Real" was in the middle of the pack

At the back were songs by Rachel Holder with "Chocolate" and Corey Smith with "Twenty One"

Listen at 5:20 each afternoon for the Discovery Zone to discover new country music first on Cat Country 102.9. The songs get picked by your votes at Cat Country 102-9.com

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