Here's another casualty from the big hail storm over the weekend.  Tourists flying into Billings might not be able to rent a car.  Local rental car agencies are scrambling to make repairs to their fleet.

Of course, a lot of the folks visiting "Montana's Trailhead" will just assume we have a bunch of horses that they can ride.  Because, as Paul puts it, most of the country thinks we're all just a bunch of "western hayseeds on horses".

Luckily, if those tourists can't find a rental car and they run out of things to do, we can just give them a knife and a piece of wood and tell them to start whittling like us western folk do.  And of course, the cattle statue at the Billings Chamber of Commerce is still within walking distance.

As gracious hosts, we should all make sure to roll out the red carpet for our out of town guests.  The Flakes recommend every tourist should be greeted with the following phrase, "Welcome to Montana, would you like some chaw?"

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