Ruthie Collins is releasing a new single, "Bad Woman," from her upcoming sophomore album, and she's giving fans an early listen in this Taste of Country exclusive.

Collins wonders about what it would be like to be a bad woman in the new song, which she says was inspired by her own musings on right and wrong.

The protagonist in the song finds herself attracted to another woman's man, and she's wondering what it would be like to just go for it, despite the ramifications.

"I was thinking about what it would be like to not have the moral responsibilities of trying so hard to be a good person, of always trying to do the right thing," Collins says of "Bad Woman."

"I think as women especially, we are raised to constantly be thinking of putting others' needs first, and I was doing a lot of spiritual work that was putting that belief into question. Sometimes to find balance in life, I have to swing the pendulum all the way to the other side of a spectrum to find the middle ground. 'Bad Woman' was an exercise in that."

"If I was a bad woman / I'd move you places you've never been / And get you swearing Heaven's in my body / Oh, if I was a bad woman / Yeah, we'd ride off across the burning sky / And leave the ones we love there in the ashes," she sings, before reeling herself back into reality: "But I'm a good girl."

"In the verses, I let myself wonder, if I didn’t have to worry about 'doing the right thing' or being the person everyone expects me to be, what would I do right now in this moment? Would my life be better, would I be happier or further along if I let myself act on things that I want?" Collins tells us, adding, "The chorus is where I come back to my senses, knowing that I ultimately do believe in doing the right thing, and that even though it can be a 'cruel world when a heart has to choose the valiant move when it aches to play the villain,' it’s just not truly who I am. But…if I was a bad woman, maybe things would look differently."

The song is Collins' latest release from her sophomore album, Cold Comfort, which is set for release on April 3 via Sidewalk/Curb Records. According to a press release, the new album is a "captivating blend of cinematic roots, intimate folk, and old school country" that "foregoes the pop shine of Collins' earlier work in favor of a rawer, more honest sound" reminiscent in spots of Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris.

For more information about Ruthie Collins, please visit her official website, or keep up with news via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ruthie Collins, Cold Comfort Track Listing:

1. "Joshua Tree"
2. "Cheater"
3. "Dang Dallas"
4. "Hey Little Girl"
5. "Untold"
6. "Bad Woman"
7. "Change"
8. "Cold Comfort"
9. "Wish You Were Here"
10. "You Can't Remember"
11. Beg Steal Borrow"

Sidewalk/Curb Records

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