Sam Hunt has updated his signature look for summer. The singer recently posed for a photo with a fan in a mall, and he's sporting a shaved head. His unique new look no doubt is keeping him cool — well, cooler — this summer while out on the road.

This isn't the first time the fashion-forward Hunt has changed his appearance. Last year, he grew out his beard (which can be seen in his music video for "Break Up in a Small Town"). He previously told Taste of Country that it was his grandmother who hinted he needed to clean up a bit.

“I went home for my younger brother’s wedding and caught a little flack from my grandmother,” Hunt admits. “In the sweetest grandmother kind of way, she let me know that she didn’t like the beard at all.”

But Grandma wasn’t the main reason he went clean-shaven.

“When we got off the road, I wanted to start a new chapter. I was about to get in the studio to write. I told myself I was gonna start working out again. It was kind of a metaphor for a new chapter in my life,” he says.

Hunt began working on new music for his follow-up to Montevallo, late last year.

“I’ve sort of been piling up thoughts and ideas and trying to conceptualize what I want to do, what I want to say, how I want to say it, what direction I want to go musically,” he explains. “I think we’ll just approach it the way we did the first record, follow our gut instinct."

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