Three-time 'SNL' host Seth Rogen mostly scored beneath our seasonal rankings with the latest installment -- though it might have been cameo-heavy between James Franco, Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift -- but what of the final episodes of the year? 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' star Andrew Garfield signed on to make his hosting debut in May, but who will accompany Spidey in one of the final 'SNL' outings of the 39th season?

As announced during Seth Rogen's third 'SNL' hosting turn, 'The Social Network' and 'Amazing Spider-Man' star Andrew Garfield will make his hosting debut on May 3, alongside the fifth 'SNL' performance of musical guest Coldplay. Oddly enough, Coldplay last appeared in 2011 alongside 'The Amazing Spider-Man' franchise star (and Garfield's girlfriend) Emma Stone, during which Garfield also made an appearance.

Garfield at least seems like the type to be game for a first 'SNL' appearance, however the current crop of writers and stars shakes out, but what do you think? Will Spidey electrify in his first appearance or end up tangled in the 'SNL' web? Tell us what you thought of the most recent installments, as well as what you might like to see from Andrew Garfield's May 3 hosting turn in the comments!

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