We're very excited to have Rob Schneider in the house in Montana this Sunday at the Alberta Bair Theatre in Billings.

I was lucky. I was a kid in the 1990s. Not only was basketball the best, we had Michael Jordan and the Dream Team. We also had what felt like the Dream Team of comedy back then as well- Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, BET Comic View...you name it.

The days when Rob Schneider and crew were on Saturday Night Live (SNL) were the good old days. And I've enjoyed practically every movie that Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler have done together. That's why I was so excited to get a chance to catch up with Rob Schneider ahead of his Billings show.

He said he's looking forward to taking on cancel culture and the crazy response to the pandemic:

Rob Schneider: It's been an interesting time to be performing. Some people get upset, then people walk out....I think people are not allowing themselves to be challenged. They're in their own echo chamber, and it's mostly the people in power. The, you know, Democrats...I tell people, my audience, look- your money's just as good if you're a Democrat, and this may be a long night for you but just hang in there. And, and so it just seems to be like- intolerance in the guise of tolerance- is what I'm noticing.

As for the pandemic response:

Rob Schneider: It's a cult brainwashing...if you were in an abusive relationship, just take out the word spouse for abusive relationship and just put in the word government and we've been in abusive relationship for two years.

Here's the full audio of my chat with Rob Schneider:

By the way, do you remember "the Richmeister" from the 90's? Apparently that debuted 31 years ago from last week (note I said 30 years ago instead of 31 years ago in the audio interview).


I don't know about you, but I'm hoping he shows up dressed like his character from "50 First Dates."

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