The season finale of SNL was the fifth time that Ben Affleck has hosted the show, officially making him a member of the "Fiver Timers" club. You may remember the pomp and circumstance that surrounded Justin Timberlake when he joined this elite group, so how was the Oscar-winning director of 'Argo' inducted?

How about Bobby Moynihan in a t-shirt with a 5 on it?

The show has plenty of fun with Affleck not getting the huge guest stars that Timberlake was afforded. Instead of getting to appear alongside Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and Paul Simon, he gets a half-assed song and the offer of a t-shirt (which is quickly rescinded). Once that humiliation is complete, the always-game Affleck moves onto another kind of embarrassment -- he has to explain to his wife, Jennifer Garner, why he called their marriage "work" in his Oscar speech. After much fumbling, he finally gets real and romantic, only for Garner to discover that he's reading cue cards.

Affleck's greatest strength as a SNL host is his complete lack of shame. Not many celebrities would appear on a major television show to get humorously overshadowed by Justin Timberlake and poke fun at his marital screw-ups. If Affleck is willing to do this, then surely he's willing to put on funny hats and moustaches in the name of comedy!

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