Have you ever gone to a concert by yourself?

Because I've emceed so many concerts working in radio, I've seen many while standing off to the side of the stage. And it's a great spot to take it all in. Because not only do you get to see the artists close up, you also get to see the interactions between band members or with audience members.

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And most of the concerts that I was working at were ones that I would've bought tickets to go see anyway because concerts are "my thing".

"Hey, Mark. Can you get me backstage to meet (any medium to largely famous person)?" No. The "Meet & Greets" have changed a lot from back when I started. It's pretty hard to get close to a Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow, or anybody of their status.

Alberta Bair Theater
Credit: Google Maps

That's one of the great things about seeing some of the older country acts that play at the Alberta Bair Theatre. They are much more accessible. And there's a better chance that they will let fans backstage. And they will generally visit with you longer. I had a great visit with Charlie Daniels about patriotism. And Kenny Rogers talked very fondly about still loving to travel, even though he was in his late seventies at that time.

1 Night. 1 Place. 1 Time: A Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis
Credit: Rick Diamond, Getty Images

I did go see Ray Charles at ABT by myself when he played there in 1988. And I'm glad I did. That was one of the best concerts that I ever saw. And now that I'm a little older, I don't care for how loud the music gets at arena shows. While performers at ABT barely need a microphone.

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