In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, officials in South Dakota have pulled their 'Don't Jerk and Drive' campaign -- and the reason should be pretty obvious.

The campaign was supposed to raise awareness of the dangers of 'jerking' the steering wheel on icy roads, according to InForum. Unfortunately for state officials, though, 'jerking' also happens to have a sexual connotation, also known as masturbating.

Officials admitted the insinuation was intentional, but admitted it wasn't the best decision in hindsight. Department of Public Safety Secretary Trevor Jones released the following statement, regarding the 'jerking' snafu:

This is an important safety message, and I don’t want this innuendo to distract from our goal to save lives on the road.

The campaign, which urged people to use '#DontJerkAndDrive' on social media to remind family and friends about the dangers of excessive jerking behind the wheel, created a number of images to promote the campaign.

South Dakota Department of Public Safety
South Dakota Department of Public Safety

So, South Dakota drivers, you can now return to masturbating while driving, which I'm sure you never stopped doing in the first place.