As a mother of two teenagers, I've considered myself pretty lucky that they have been pretty easy to raise for the most part. I mentioned to my husband the other day, my mom forgot to give me the book on teenagers and how to get through the teen years.

My daughter, Bailey, who is 13 (she will be 14 in June) asked me the other day about dating.

I never gave it much thought, about her dating that is. It's not like I didn't think we would ever cross that bridge, I just didn't think we would be discussing the idea of dating so young.

She proceeded to tell me that a lot of girls at her school (roughly her age) are dating.

In my mind, I thought, middle school crushes (we all had them), but after our chat, I was taken back by just how involved these young kids are with each other.

I thought having the conversation with my almost 17 year old son about dating was taxing enough, luckily he is too busy working on his pickup these days to chase girls

I love the fact that both of my children, even as teenagers feel comfortable talking to me about things, sometimes, things that I wish they would keep private.

I started thinking about when I was younger and in middle school and high school.

My dad, rest his soul, never let us date while we were in high school.

We could go to the junior and senior proms, but that was it.

Now before you get all crazy and think I gave my 13-year-old the red light to date, I did not.

What is an appropriate age to date?

If you're like my husband and my brothers, it's when she's 30.

At what age do you think a young man or young lady is mature enough to date?



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