There are apps that can help you locate a lost or stolen smartphone on a map.  Apps like Find My iPhone for iOS  is one of those apps.  If you're feeling particularly gutsy, there's a cool way to track down your Android phone. You can even have it dial for help.  Here's how to make it happen:

First a bit of  backstory:  Cops caught a couple thieves when one of the bad guys accidentally butt-called 911 on his cellphone while the group was riding in the car discussing plans for a future job.  They got caught.

You probably wouldn't be lucky enough to hear the guy who swiped your phone talking about anything that would help you locate him.  But there is a way to have your phone call and number you want when it's been lifted.   Here's how thanks to Lifehacker.

You'll need an android phone, and the app, Tasker, that you can get in the Android Marketplace. You'll set the phone so it calls a pre-set number when it gets a certain text from you. Here's the Lifehacker step by step setup.

Probably won't help you get your phone back. But you might feel better getting in the last word.

While talking about apps, the new Cat Country streaming app, Radio Pup will be available for Android within the next week. You'll hear a lot about it when it's available. The iPhone version of the app is receiving rave reviews.