I work with a salesperson who shall go un-named who keeps her cell phone in her bra. I guess you have to keep it somewhere and most people keep them in their pockets but this just seems to me like she's asking for trouble. When breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women, and more than 209,000 women are diagnosed in the United States with breast cancer each year, it's just tempting fate. So far the evidence, according to the wireless phone industry, is not conclusive but concerned doctors say that's because not enough studies have been completed yet.

If you or someone you know is concerned that keeping a cell phone inside a bra could cause cancer and eventually death and want to be informed then please read this article from the Be Aware Foundation whose main focus is breast cancer research, early detection and prevention: "Update: Cell Phone and Breast Cancer."

P.S. Notice the picture above shows a cell phone and a brain (although the egg kind of makes it look like a breast)... the lines depicted are radio frequency waves which scientists believe can lead to cancer with long term exposure. If a cell phone is that bad for your brain imagine what it will do to your breasts with regular daily contact for hours on end.

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