Yesterday was definitely a first for me. After 18-plus years of broadcasting, the past year and half being here in Billings, I had an experience that almost made me have to change my pants.

As you may know, the Cat Country 102.9 studios are on the top floor of DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Billings. From the studio you can see everything. I have watched storms come in for hours before they actually arrived in town. I've seen car wrecks and ambulances haul people off after being injured or sick.

Mostly though, the view when I am on air is pretty incredible.

As I was doing my show, I looked out the window to see two crows flying toward the building. Just as I saw that they were crows --KAboom! One of the crows flew head on into my window with an incredible thud. The sound echoed throughout the studio.

In all my years of doing radio I have never had anything fly into my window. I have however had a cow moo at me through an open studio window at a station that sat in the middle of a cow pasture. That was pretty interesting in itself.