Want My Albums?
I get a lot of calls from people asking if I want to acquire their collection of vinyl albums.
No. Thank you, but still, no.
Now, some calls start with "I think these might be worth something". They're not. No.
"My (insert deceased relative here) had EVERY Beatles album.…
Country Albums Survey
On my Facebook page, I've been participating in the "Ten Day Album Challenge". For my favorite album, I've selected my dad's album "My Turn To Sing".
As I've given all of music some thought, it seems like I don't have many country albums th…
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then you might have seen the "Album Challenge"  I was nominated for by Tim Giesler.
It's 10 of your favorite albums, in no particular order. And you can invite another one of your friends top play along...
Reba McEntire Hits 30 Million Albums Sold
This week, Reba McEntire technically became the second female country artist to ever sell more than 30 million albums. The first woman to do this was Shania Twain, who is currently considered the top-selling female country artist of all time with 34,175,000 albums sold, according to Perez Hilto…