UPDATE:8-Year-Old Who Was Given Botox Injections by Her Mother Removed From Home
The power of the internet! Insert sigh of relief here: ABC News is reporting that Britney Campbell, an 8-year-old pageant queen whose mother admitted to giving her Botox injections, has been removed from her home. Britney's mother, Kerry Campbell, is currently being investigated by Child Protective Services. Britney is said to be "doing well," according to 'Good Morning America' correspo
Mom Gives 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox Injections [VIDEO]
This is just wrong in so many ways! Chime in below!!! Kerry Campbell took herself out of the race for Mother of the Year Thursday when she revealed to 'Good Morning America' that she gives her 8-year-old pageant queen daughter Botox injections. Campbell, a part-time aesthetician, told 'GMA's' Lara Spencer that she does the injections herself, and claims the reason she started giving them was due t