I recently had the pleasure of helping one of our clients cut some commercials. As we were chatting, I was very intrigued by some of the stuff they were saying. We talked about dermaplaning, facials, and peels. From skin tightening and fillers to hair removal. I have always been very leery about injecting anything into my body or messing with nature as a whole.

I did, however, take the plunge about a year ago and got permanent eyeliner and my eyebrows done (a combo of mircoblading and powder brow). I'm so glad I finally took the step. I am really thinking about talking to them about perhaps botox or forever young BBL. It's not that I am trying to look 20-something again. I mean, I am in my 50's. I want to just work on a couple of areas of my skin that bother me and that I feel are problem areas when I look in the mirror.

Have you ever had anything done? I am not about a face-lift or thread lift, just a little plumping and tightening (I mean really do any of us want the turkey neck no matter how old we are)  Thoughts?

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