Do We Really Need "Fuel Gloves"?
It seems strange to me that in a world which is condemning people for using straws, we are producing a brand new plastic, disposable product that is not nearly as useful as a straw.
Guys - Ditch the Straws
I did a quick survey around the office and apparently, I'm in the minority on this, but I was raised believing it was bad manners for a male to drink out of a straw. This excludes things like to-go cups or milkshakes, but mainly applies to dinner table edicate.
Paved Bicycle Trails Are Good For The Billings Economy
Many residents of Billings resent their tax dollars being used to construct paved bike paths. Some believe they are being built to someone’s idea of “greenhouse gas” requirements. Others see the City of Billings with a budget shortfall and consider bike la…
Bottled water is one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time. Independent studies have shown chemicals from plastic bottles leach into the water you drink and, with enough exposure, cause cancer. People who live near the plants that manufacture those chemicals are much more likely to cont…