Get Kids Hooked On Fishing At Wild Bill Lake On June 8
It's Free Kids Fishing Day at Wild Bill Lake on Saturday, June 8. Children (up to age 12) and their parents can fish for free from 10am to 2pm with a hot dog lunch provided. Prizes will be given away throughout the day so introduce your children to an activity that will hook them for life.
See Who's Leading The Best Day Hunting & Fishing Contest
With more than 2 weeks left to VOTE for the Best Day HUNTING or FISHING contest, there's a tight race for the Top 3 spots. Voting officially ends on December 28th with a new Traeger Tailgater Grill from Fred's Appliance being awarded to the three entries receiving the most votes.
How Do You Find The Good Fishing Spots in Yellowstone County
I was in Cabela's yesterday looking at some fishing gear and noticed this whiteboard fishing report. In the age of having most knowledge we need in our pocket at all times, seeing a whiteboard report was somewhat nostalgic. It made me wonder where people get most of their fishing reports from…
Free Fishing This Weekend
This weekend in Montana people will be able to fish without having a license.  F.W.P. should do this more.  I don't understand why kids under 18 have to have a license anyway.
You should try to get them hooked (get it) on the sport early and it will pay dividends later...

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