Keep Them Safe Tonight
Kids aged 4-8 are five times more likely to get hit by a car tonight. Especially for those who drive big pick up trucks, these little ones are hard to see when they're heads aren't even above the hood.
Best And Worst Halloween Candy 2018
Unless you're on a low carb diet, odds are you'll be raiding some Halloween candy from your kid's haul tonight. If you're feeling like being a good parent, you could always choose stuff from the "worst of" list. For the life of me, I can't figure out why Tootsie Rolls were on the worst of list, but maybe it's an age thing.
Rough Night
When Halloween falls on a week night it's hard on the kids. As a father of four, I know how tough it will be to get them rolling the next day. Plus take excitement and combine it with a bunch of candy and it makes it hard to settle them down...
Trick Or Treating In Downtown Billings
I'm not only posting this to remind kids and parents about the event, but also to remind those who will be driving downtown. There will likely be thousands of kids throughout the day, so keep an eye out and be extra cautious as sometimes these little monsters get away from their parents.

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