Big Labor Loses Their Bogeyman in Montana
So there you have it labor unions. You lost your favorite bogeyman. Any excuse you had for union members to vote for the Democrat party in Montana is now gone. Maybe now you can speak up for actual labor union workers who are being put out of work by Joe Biden and the Democrats.
My Resume
My daughter said she wanted to hear everything I've done in my life for work. And I get to list jobs that I didn't get paid for.
I Have One of the Worst Jobs in America – Do You?
People like the Flakes (there aren't many) will endure for as long as they wish. If there is something happening in Billings, those two are on top of it before it makes headlines. Often times, they're the ones making headlines with some sort of community service. That's the kind of…
Who's wealthy
Democrats despise wealthy people who create jobs. Don't believe me? Listen to Bullock's,Tester's or Williams adds. The wealthiest people in America are Democrats; look at the top businessmen, actors or athletes, all Democrats.
Working At Billings’ New Winco
I found a couple of videos on youtube which might give you an idea of what it's like to work for them. One is from Winco and the other video is from a former employee who worked for them for 16 years. From the looks of these videos, I would say that if you are in the market for a job, or are …

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