I Have One of the Worst Jobs in America - Do You?
People like the Flakes (there aren't many) will endure for as long as they wish. If there is something happening in Billings, those two are on top of it before it makes headlines. Often times, they're the ones making headlines with some sort of community service. That's the kind of…
Happy New Year
Hope everyone had a great holiday. I'm glad to be back to work. Thanks to you folks out there, I am enjoying my job now more than ever
Who's wealthy
Democrats despise wealthy people who create jobs. Don't believe me? Listen to Bullock's,Tester's or Williams adds. The wealthiest people in America are Democrats; look at the top businessmen, actors or athletes, all Democrats.
Working At Billings' New Winco
I found a couple of videos on youtube which might give you an idea of what it's like to work for them. One is from Winco and the other video is from a former employee who worked for them for 16 years. From the looks of these videos, I would say that if you are in the market for a job, or are …
School Bus Drivers Needed
I think things have changed quite a bit since I was a kid on the bus. I haven't been on one in years, but I have noticed when I see them on the roads the kids seem to not be running up and down the aisle, fighting or yelling out the window...big improvement.
Almost Quit Today
So, our computer that controls what actually goes out over the airwaves, went crazy today and wouldn't let me do things the regular way. So, I thought (jokingly) that I was just going to walk out the door and go work some place else.
I've got a problem though...
Jobs For Veterans
If you are a veteran who is looking for work, look no further than
You'll dedicate a season to addressing a variety of conservation needs.
You'll become efficient in chainsaw operation and maintenance and you add to your leadership skills...
No Reason
Now that we are approaching the holidays, there is no excuse not to be working. Everyone needs help and we're talking good paying jobs. We have made it too easy for people not to work.
If you are physically capable then you should be working...
My Next Job
So, it was suggested that I apply for the "Merman" at the Sip & Dip in Great Falls. I'd be swimming for 5 hours every Tuesday night for $ 11.00 per hour plus tips. But, I'm hoping for something that pays a little better.
Can you give me some suggestions for how I c…
Movies About Your Line Of Work
I've got it on a video cassette, somewhere in a box. I've also got it on DVD. Probably in the same box.
It's a movie called "FM". And it's really, really cheesy. It stars very few people that you'd recognize. The plot is extremely thin. But...
'Tis The Season For A Flood Of Job Openings In Billings
As we celebrate Labor Day, a day set aside to celebrate workers' contributions to this country's well-being, it is worth noting that here in Billings, we have an unemployment rate of just under 3 percent.
That's a pretty impressive number, but for those who are out of work and looking, here are a cou…

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