A New Push For Pot
I saw a story on the news last night that recreational pot supporters are trying to get assistance from other states that have already legalized.
Pot Gets A Pass
Tobacco companies have to start running ads again this week on the dangers of smoking. Where are the pot ads on the dangers of smoking? Ask your doctor about the carcinogens in pot vs cigarettes.  By the way if it's medicine, how come it doesn't have to come in a childproof container.…
Happy Pot Smokers Day
I'm not a pot smoker, so I don't really have a dog in this fight. But, now with Colorado legalizing it and just this week we learned that they will be adding drive-throughs there, I'm wondering what people's opinions about it are.
To me, it's one of those topics where I don&a…
Not Marijuana Now Or Ever
I won't try to change anybody's vote on anything today. I'll just tell you how I voted on the marijuana issue. I don't know the number of the initiative, because it doesn't matter to me. I read through the explanation of what it would do if passed, and when I see the word &a…
Marijuana At Concerts
I know folks that smoke it. I choose not to. But, I'm guessing that if you attend the Snoop Dogg concert at the Shrine in December, you'll be able to smell it in the air. And I'm wondering if security will be heightened.
I know that you need to prove your age before you are allowed to …
Willie's Got His Own Pot Brand
As a lot of folks are trying to get marijuana legalized, Willie Nelson is trying to make sure that you can get you hands on the "Good stuff".
He will be in Redmond, Washington tomorrow and Greenwood, Colorado on the 30th promoting "Willies Reserve", which claims to…
Is It? Or Isn't It?
This November it looks like we will be voting on two marijuana referendums.  One would make it legal for recreational use, the other would make it illegal just like under federal law.
Has anyone bothered to think about what would happen if both of them pass?  T...

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