Long Drives
Mark details his three-day road trip to Helena and Missoula over the 4th of July weekend.
Miss Montana Crew Assisting Bahamas with Relief Efforts
The crew behind the Miss Montana to Normandy plane accomplished an incredible feat earlier this year, when they took the historic firefighting plane all the way to the beaches of Normandy for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Now, they're headed to the Bahamas to assist with Hurricane Dorian relie…
Urgent: See the Miss Montana Flight in Billings!
Before they finally head home to Missoula, folks in Billings now have a chance to see the plane and meet the crew! Bryan Douglass tells us that the plane and the crew will be on hand at Edwards Jet Center in Billings from 9AM to 2PM Monday.
KYSSMAS for Kids 2016 Total
It really is the best part of the year, where we get together and raise funds for kids in our area that are in need. Helping out and having a good time doing it, is what KYSSMAS for Kids is all about.
Missoula Liberals Sold Their Souls
The University of Missoula announced the largest gift in the school’s history today.  Bill Franke and his family donated 24 million dollars for the school of forestry, good news.  Do the people of Missoula know that this came from a big money guy with an investment firm...
Is Billings Getting Too Dangerous?
I truly believe that we are in no more danger than any other city in this country but it seems there are more things that are happening here that are becoming more strange.
This week Billings Police rescued a woman that was being held against her will for 11 days...

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