America, The Consumerist Society
Many folks, especially during political season, lament that it's the lack of morals that has led to what they believe is the downfall of America. You constantly hear the chant "We have to take America back", whatever that means. Usually they don't like who is in power because it's not whom they voted for...
Powerball Grows To $50 Million
Have you planned out your rich life yet? Mine starts with a sprawling estate at Rehberg Ranch with an infinity pool, outdoor kitchen, personal chef, trip around the world, a new Movado watch, a tap with running Blue Chair Coconut Spiced Rum and my own personal helicopter...
No Justice For Child
A former and current loser serving two life terms for killing his girlfriend and her 20-month-old son, actually had the nerve to file a lawsuit against  Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby. According to reports this creep claims his civil rights were violated...
Ever Had An Ear Worm?
Have you ever have a song in your head that keeps repeating over and over? That’s called an ear worm. This morning when I got out of the shower I was joined by Tom T. Hall and his song “30 Cents For a Gallon of Gas”. And it’s all because of the Farmer.
High $ Jobs With No Degree
Increasingly, people are learning that a four-year college education doesn’t always pay. You can spend upwards of $100,000 to get some letters after your name and still end up jobless, or in a job that doesn’t pay enough to cover your school loan payments. That’s probably why nearly 70 percent of the American workforce doesn’t hold more than a high school diploma. But you don’t necessarily need a
Should Society Move To a Cashless System?
Yesterday's 'One-Line Mondays' focused around a research project that Paul read about. A college in South Dakota is currently conducting experiments with a bio-metric purchasing technology that would allow people to identify themselves through their blood...

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