Montana Highway Patrol

Caller Praises Help from Montana Trooper [AUDIO]
The caller says he got stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, and due to his disability- needed to call for help. He was going to have a long wait, and a big bill. That is, until Trooper Wyatt Duncan showed up to check in on him.
Hey Leadfoot, Ease Up on the Gas Pedal
I tend to be a little heavy on the gas pedal. I had to come to Great Falls for some client meetings this week, so f course you have to get from point A to point B as fast as you can. Needless to say, my leadfoot got me in a little trouble.
Crow Agency Woman Identified
Q2 reports that the woman who was killed in a vehicle crash near Crow Agency on Saturday has been identified as 33-year-old Felicia Dawes. The Crow Agency woman died in a vehicle accident that left two other women injured.
The Montana Highway Patrol was on scene, however they were unable to determine…
Motorcyclist Killed Saturday
The Billings Gazette reports a Glendive man, killed in a motorcycle crash Saturday afternoon, has been identified as Marc Morasko. He was identified Sunday by Richland County Coroner Maggie Gist.
The 59-year-old Morasko was riding southbound on Highway 16 behind a truck when he apparently tried to pa…
Crash Fatality Saturday
A man is dead after his vehicle collided with a semi-truck Saturday, according to Montana Highway Patrol. Q2 reports the as yet unidentified man was driving a Dodge Caravan and attempted to pass another vehicle westbound along U.S. Highway 212...
Rollover Victim Identified
The Billings Gazette reports Fergus County’s Coroner has identified a 28-year-old Bozeman man who died in a single-vehicle rollover crash south of Grass Range Thursday morning.
Timothy R. Sommers Jr. was initially reported by the Montana Highway Patrol as a Belgrade resident...
Drug Test The Governor
Governor Bullock has to be on something, he wants to cut the MHP budget by 10%.  It would no doubt require layoffs of some of the 238 patrolmen who are already stretched too thin in our large state.  Now keep in mind he is asking for a pay increase for the other state employees and al…
Governor Bullock
So now Governor Bullock wants to layoff 27 Highway Patrolmen in Montana. It's been suggested that this plan is just another way to raise taxes (raising our state gas tax is one possibility) by saying that we have to save these jobs.
My concern is two pronged...
I'm Trying To Save You 6 Bucks
I was renewing my license plates on my car yesterday, and a couple of things came to mind.
First of all, that $5.00 you see on the line for MHP (Montana Highway Patrol) is paying for the retirement of MHP officers in Montana. I have nothing against these folks, but the fact that I pay 5 bucks to thei…

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