Hunters Safety Classes
With the kids headed back to school, it's also time to get them signed up for Hunters Safety classes. Which is easier to do than ever before, due to technology. And you don't have to be a kid. There are classes for the grown-ups as well...
As bad as the smoke can get this time of year, it sure brings some peace at the end of a busy harvest day with beautiful sunsets.
What If We Built Billings Now?
The majority of American cities and towns are located where they are due to their close proximity to water and/or railroads. But, let's pretend that we were all just given this land where we live now, and it had nothing on it anywhere and we would get to place all of the buildings and even add …
When I was leaving the hotel parking lot the other day some people were out on the sidewalk smoking talking about how awful the smoke was getting. Go figure. I wonder if it bothers them?
Weird Weather
I don't know what's up but I have a bad feeling about the next two days. It was weird this morning with all kind of swirling winds and temperature fluctuations. It was 92 degrees at 4:45 this morning on First Ave. Crazy! Keep your guard up...
Ticket Blowout
With the Hill climb this weekend we will blow out all the tickets we have left tomorrow. It could start early so join us at 5am. See you then....
It’s Not Tariffs
There are a lot of farmers out there that are now saying they can't make it because of tariffs. That's not true. Your problems did not start 2 weeks ago when the President announced them. it takes longer than 2 weeks to get yourself in financial trouble...
Who Are You Going To Make Happy?
The Megamillions lottery is up to about a half of a BILLION dollars for the next drawing.
Let's say that you win it. Who are you going to make happy, and what are you going to buy?
I'm buying mom and step mom both houses. Then I'm building the most beautiful concert set up you've e…
Hey, next time someone runs into Tehran Jon, ask him where the Whitetail mountains are that they talk about in his commercial. Apparently they are in close proximity of the Bull mountains. You would think they would be easy to locate but no one knows where in the hell they are...
Lobster vs Steak
How come people in Maine and Boston can get a 1 pound Lobster for 12 bucks but people in Montana can't get a 1 pound steak for 12 bucks?

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