My Traffic Citation Resume
One of my Facebook friends finally got her first speeding ticket. She's been driving 32 years, and just got her first ticket. Good job. I have outperformed her throughout the years.
You Never Know Who’s Watching
Headed home on Broadwater yesterday I saw the cops had somebody stopped and they were driving an unmarked car. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the right rear taillight flashing blue
I Wish Police Scanners Still Worked
Last night, around 1:30 a.m. I started hearing police sirens. The cars just seemed to keep coming. It got me curious enough that I actually opened up my police scanner app on my phone to see what I could hear. Not much though as you can't listen to Billings police anymore. There is a Yellow…
Why is the city of Billings going to pay community 7 TV $180,000 to carry meetings, parades, etc; That money could be better spent. Body cameras for police or even an extra officer or two. In my opinion it's wasteful spending. If anything, Community 7 should be PAYING for the broadcast rig…
Billings Man Held in Anaconda Murder
Q2 reports that a Billings man is in custody, suspected in a 64-year-old Anaconda woman’ death. Shelley Schafer was found murdered in her home on Tuesday and Butte police believe 53-year-old Troy Johnson may be responsible. Anaconda Police Chief Tim Barkell said Shafer died in her re…
Support the Police
Last year in Chicago there were 4331 shootings in that city with almost 800 deaths.  The majority of the deaths are gang related black on black crime.  2017 is ahead of last years pace.
Why don't the NFL players show solidarity in their pursuit of racial injustice for peace in the Afri…
A Moment of Silence
If the NFL was really serious about supporting our brave police across the country, each week before the National Anthem they should ask for a moment of silence and show the pictures of police who lost their lives that week.  Put them on the big screen so everyone could see...
Radar Detectors
I haven't used my Valentine One radar detector in quite a few years now. But, back in the mid 90's to early 2000's, I FLEW everywhere I went, and that turned out to be a great investment as it paid for itself dozens of times over.
But, nowadays, the combination of age and not needing t…
Do We Hold Cops To A Higher Standard?
There was an article in the paper this morning about the Wyoming Highway Patrolman who got his picture taken behind a buffalo in Yellowstone Park. Somebody complained so they had to investigate. They found that he did nothing wrong.
So, here's my question, just because somebody chooses law enfor…
What a Week
What a week this has been.
The FBI lost all their credibility.  The attack on our nation's policemen continues.  In Boulder Colorado they banned ice cream for kids.  And America celebrated their independence as people ridiculed Britain for wanting theirs back.

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