Pot Holes
Where are you? I know that you are out there waiting for me and my perfect alignment. Waiting to ruin it.
Are you hiding under some ice on a side street? Are you on one of the main roads that I travel, hoping that the sun will blind me, so you can do your worst...
5 Curse-worthy potholes
Billings did not suffer as brutal of a winter as other parts of the country did, but that does not mean the city is immune from the ever-dreaded potholes.
5 Worst Potholes in Billings
With the change of season from a mild Billings winter this year into what has turned out so far to be a pretty wet spring, what will streets in and around Billings be like as we near the first day of summer, June 21st?
People’s Pothole Patrol
Now that Spring is finally here, we can find all that winter has left behind. Especially potholes. It's the inevitable result of a long cold winter in Billings. The roads begin to come apart in the freeze and thaw. No matter how much you try to dodge and dart as you drive , it seems just im…