Tightwad Alert
I'm a complex shopper. I want the best when I'm shopping. I drive nice vehicles. I own nice furniture. But I also don't mind finding a deal once in a while.
Winco Grand Opening Sunday (3/3) at 9 a.m.
For those who have been keeping an eye on the new Winco throughout the construction process wondering when it will finally open its doors, I'm happy to say the wait is almost over. The Grand Opening will be this Sunday (3/3) at 9 a.m.
Shoplifting Just Keeps Getting Tougher
In a world full of cameras and alarms, I imagine it's tough being a shoplifter. I was in Albertsons today and was told by the check out lady that I would need to back up and let her login to her register, then bring the cart forward again. Apparently, it needs to be acknowledged that the cart…

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